Electric company measurements

A web application for Electric companies.
Customers can login and check the energy expenses for each of their meters (such as ION PowerLogic meters).

Today this system is being used by Eléctrica Puntilla, in Chile

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IMDB Friends (Chrome Extension)

A Chrome extension for imdb.com that simply adds an anchor to the friends page. (Why? because the real anchor is very difficult to find)

Install the extension from Google Chromestore
The code is available at GitHub.

Update (February 20, 2017)
: IMDB has removed the “friends” feature (along with their message boards), so this extension is now useless. I suggest Chrome bookmarks if you want an easy access to your friend’s ratings


Bug-2 Algorithm implementation

Bug-2 solves the problem of reaching a goal without knowing the entire mup, but only the adjacent positions.

Go in straight line to the goal’s direction. If you can’t continue because of an obstacle, start surrounding the obstacle until you intersect the original straight line, then continue in the goal’s direction. It is a “complete algorithm” because it always finds the goal.

This is from 2010, back in university.
The code is here (TO-DO: clean and move to GitHub)

Email client

An email client (like Outlook) that supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP.
Includes features like managing contacts, labels, searching, blacklist, multiple accounts, etc.

Written in C# (.NET)

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Vessels and receivers

A web application I wrote back in 2005, for a fruit exporter in Chile (Bendavid, later Scramble) that allowed receivers to login and look at their pallets and vessels.

Written with ASP 3.0 and SQL queries to a Foxpro database

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